Welcome to the 9h05 International Translation School. We offer theoretical + applied courses based on the research axes of 9h05's laboratory, Nefertiti (Network of Formative Research in Translation & Terminology).


To book a course, access our online catalog and follow the steps to enroll.

If you are a:

  • Member of a translators' association or guild,
  • A student of translation or linguistics, or a student of linguistics.
  • A translator affiliated with 9h05 International, 9h05 del Ecuador, 9h05 Canada or any other 9h05 Group affiliate.

We have good news for you: you are entitled to a partial scholarship. Contact us for more information (school[at]9h05.com).

At this translation school, we offer courses focused on the following:

  • Juritraductology (study of legal translation).
  • Literary and editorial translation
  • Translation theory
  • Specialized translation
  • Translation management
  • Translation software and tools (CAT, glossaries, etc.)
  • Terminology and terminology management

Courses are taught by Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce, PhD(c) in translation and applied linguistics from Bordeaux Montaigne University.

Benjamin Aguilar-Laguierce is co-founder of 9h05 Group and has been a professional translator since 2007. Specialized in law, among others, he is a doctoral candidate-researcher in translation and applied linguistics at the Ameriber UR 3656 laboratories of Bordeaux-Montaigne University and the Nefertiti Research Lab of 9h05 (NFRTT, Network of Formative Research in Translation & Terminology).

She also holds a master's degree in English editorial translation, a master's degree in Hispanic studies applied to translation and linguistics and a postgraduate degree in procedural law.

Curso: traducción jurídica profesional inglés-español (75h) Traducción jurídica EN-ES
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Módulo de introducción al derecho de Common Law y derecho romano-germánico (inglés-español) Traducción jurídica EN-ES
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Practicum de traducción jurídica: 10 textos especializados inglés-español Traducción jurídica EN-ES
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Salesforce + Workforce STAFF TRAINING
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